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Welcome to Tailwinds Bemidji

Re-entry Program

Providing Services and Resources for Success


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Our Mission

Mission Statement:

Tailwinds Bemidji is a nonprofit organization committed to easing the transition of clients coming back into society from incarceration or substance use treatment services. Our goal is to diminish recidivism rates by providing our clients with the necessary resources and services they need for success in today’s world. We are dedicated to helping our clients become productive members of society and to support them in leading fulfilling lives.

Vision Statement: Our vision is to drastically minimize offender recidivism and addiction rates through collaborative support and whole-body wellness.



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Peer Support Services

Talk to Someone with Lived Experience.

Engage in Peer Recovery Services with us. These services are provided by a person in long-term recovery from substance use disorder with past criminal justice involvement. It is non-clinical assistance designed to add additional support for the individual from someone with lived experience in Re-entering into the community from addiction and incarceration. Peer support staff is able to talk with you individually and connect you to needed resources and services within the community.


Steps to Freedom Groups

Steps to freedom is a recovery based educational program offered to the men and women who are currently incarcerated in the Beltrami County jail. Men and women have separate two hour groups offered each week. These educational programs provide inmates with connection to resources in the area, substance use based educational curriculum and recovery tools to help ease their transition into the recovery community upon their release. The groups are currently provided by staff members of Bemidji Area Program for Recovery.


Walk-In Substance Use Assessments

Bemidji Area Program for Recovery will be offering walk in substance use assessments the first Thursday of each month from 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm. If you would like to schedule a time that works for you ahead of time please contact Bemidji Area Program for Recovery at (218) 444-5155 or feel free to come at anytime that works for you!!

We also partner with other agencies in the community to bring walk in assessment events to their facilities to meet their clients need in a comfortable setting.

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Connection During Incarceration

Peer support Specialists will communicate with individuals during their incarceration to build rapport and increase support prior to their release to ensure a supportive transition back into the community.


Online Book Club

This is an online book club format group. We will pick books to read together and create weekly discussion topics throughout the reading and have space for open discussions and questions as we go. Members will be able to give suggestions on books they would like to read together. This is a free group and books will be provided.

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Online Healing Support Group

Tailwinds Bemidji Online support group for those healing from traumatic experiences, co-dependency, self-sabotage, negative self talk, low self esteem, narcissistic and emotional abuse. If you are on a journey of self healing, Join our group and lets all support each other and offer encouragement, we are not alone!


Addiction Awareness & Family Support Educational Program

This educational program is for anyone who is interested in learning more information about having a loved one who struggles with substance use as well as resources available to you. Topics include substance use and treatment services, how to talk to your loved ones about their use, how to support your loved ones during multiple stages of use & recovery, and resources available to support you! 


Stride Educational Program

Alcohol, Drug, Distracted Driving Education Program.

This is an all-inclusive, non-judgmental alcohol, drug & distracted driving education program focused on making better choices.

It is a program that you can complete in one day. This program is currently being facilitated by Bemidji Area Program for Recovery & Tailwinds Staff members.

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Sober Community Events & Activities

Tailwinds Bemidji hosts monthly sober activities open to the community and free of charge. These activities and events range from crafts, outdoor activities, holiday themed events, etc. We also partner with other agencies to create opportunities for community engagement.


Online Family Support Group

Addiction is a family disease, loved ones need help too, while learning how to support the addicts in their lives and also taking care of their own emotional health, there are resources available that often times are less talked about! A whole family can heal together with the right resources!


Substance Use Assessment Fund

Tailwinds Bemidji aims to reduce identified barriers, which often time includes financial barriers. Our agency has been able to obtain grant funding to help cover the costs of substance use assessments for those who are unable to obtain any other means of funding, to ensure they can take the first step in obtaining treatment services.


Resource Hub

Our agency serves as a resource hub to ensure that we are able to meet the needs of all clients and directing them in the right direction for services and resources in the area to meet their needs. We work with other agencies to ensure we are educated on what services are provided, eligibility criteria and also work towards filling any gaps in services that have been identified in our community.

If you would like to learn more about our services or get involved in our mission, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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